AirSoap Mother's Day Campaign


A doodle of a paper airplane flying


PhoneSoap needed help with a creative campaign for Mother's Day air purifier promotions. I wanted to create an image that communicated having the fresh air of nature in the comfort of your home, with mothers enjoying it. Having waited a little too long to prep, I put together a mockup of my idea and presented it. The Creative Director was on board and gave me a green light. The whole project was created over the course of 4 days. I booked models and a location in Park City. I shot images and video of 3 women in that home setting, then went to Lake Tahoe to 5 locations I scouted online beforehand at dawn and dusk to shoot photos and video. Migraine in-tow, I returned to Utah where I did the post-production and delivered the images immediately.

The result was a campaign that performed above PhoneSoap's goal.

What we've done

1. Presented an idea

2. Produced the shoot

3. Shot the shoot

4. Took Ibuprofen

5. Edited the images together

6. Generated revenue

This was some of my favorite work.


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