Photo/Video Brand Update

Lifetime Products

A doodle of a paper airplane flying


Lifetime is a large company with a history of creating great products that bring families together. Unfortunately, their photography and videos were not reflecting the excellence of their products nor the lifestyle they make possible. I was tasked with reworking the aesthetics and processes to create an efficient pipeline of consistently impactful photography and video.

Lifetime has a wide-ranging product offering with categories from tables & chairs to kayaks and coolers. It was important to consider each line's audience while still having each category's images and videos still feel like they're part of one larger company.

What we've done

1. Built the team from 1 to 6 people including a producer, stylist, photographer, and 3 videographers

2. Brought the company's equipment up to date.

3. Did photo and video shoots with existing team members to understand where improvements can be made.

4. Trained team on best practices and invited stakeholders so they could understand what goes into the work.

5. Worked with individuals across several teams to rebuild trust and vision after prior team had poisoned the well

We participated in shooting and did all the animations for this video.

Level asked as to help

— Take their product look to the next level

— Improve efficiency

— Make it a department people want to work with

— Establish and train a team


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