Brand Design

Axon Optics

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Discover how we gave this startup a fresh visual start. With 30,000+ users and $1.5M in revenue, it was time to replace their outdated look with a design that matched their ambitions. In addition to a visual update, I was tasked with raising the company's revenue by creating a new marketing strategy and implementing it.

Axon Optics creates glasses for migraine and light sensitivity, and is the only product clinically proven to help.

What we've done

• Achieved 33% revenue growth over first 9 months (YOY)

• Marketed Black Friday to 3x previous year's BF revenue, 2.5x conversion rate

• Reworked email campaign increasing email revenue 38% from Q1 to Q2

• Audited and diagramed existing growth engine, led brainstorm session covering 16 marketing channels, developed quarterly OKRs and KPIs

• Created new brand guide

• Purchased billboard, radio (Meredith & AJ KODJ), and podcast ads and designed creative for them

• Implemented SMS marketing, drove $142,861 in revenue in first 3 months

• Implemented influencer marketing

• Designed and A/B tested website changes consistently resulting in improvements to conversion

• Motivated paid ad partners and provided improved ad assets resulting in higher ROAS

Here's more:

Improved company logo

Designed new packaging to create a better customer experience

Updated the company's product photography standards

Created print items for optical shops and doctors' offices

Redesigned website product pages and created new banners and graphics

Created an updated on-model photography standard across all products

A billboard placed on I-15 for Axon Optics
A billboard placed on I-15 near Springville

Axon Optics asked us to help

Axon Optics has a great product that really works and just needed help presenting it in a way that reflects that market leadership. They trusted us to make it happen and we worked together all along the way. The results were clear.

We also worked to improve our copywriting, focusing on the customer's deepest core desires as well as presenting each product benefit in a concise, clear, repeatable structure proven to sell.


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