Enjoying Work and Why It Matters

Braxton Wilhelmsen
March 6, 2023

You enjoy what you do? Why do I care?

We've chosen to put enjoyment of our creative work forward as one of our primary differentiators. You might wonder why our customers should care about that. Shouldn't we be more concerned with our customers enjoying our work?

We do want our customers to enjoy our Photo, Video, Design and Branding.

Excellence and the pursuit thereof is one of the primary sources of joy in our working lives. Which makes the results of said excellence a mutually beneficial product. We also recognize that without clients, there's not much fun to be had. The constraints and goals of assignments are what give a framework and purpose to our creativity. So we do whatever we can to create an excellent experience for our customers along with our excellent work. We want long, lasting relationships, not one-hit wonders.

Do you like working with the best talent on your design projects?

So do we. Within the first two weeks our website was online with its message of excellence through enjoyment, we had many people contact us hoping to work with us specifically because of that idea, including some talented people who wanted to work for free just to have some fun! Employing people without pay is not our intended business model, but it should illustrate how meaningful it is to creative people that they can do work they care about.

Because we are fun to work for, we have some excellent employees and contractors available, which means excellent work for you. Work we really wanted to do.

Did you know that your customers can tell the difference?

It's like talking on the phone with someone who is smiling. You can tell. Customers are much more likely to follow a brand that seems authentically interested in their work, and in them. When corporate copy is produced by automatons clocking in until the closing bell, audiences can tell. Let's not do that.

You have to work for like 30 more years. Isn't happiness just...nice?

This is our thinking. We have to live. We have to work. Can we just enjoy a bit of happiness along the way? Of course we can. Design is fun. Photography is fun. Video is fun. Content is fun. Branding? Well, branding is important, and all these fun things make it possible. Let's do it all.