3 Reasons You Should Hire My Dad

Simon Wilhelmsen - Age 11
March 8, 2023

Hi. My name is Simon. I am eleven years old. My dad is Braxton Wilhelmsen, and he is making me write this blog! He is the owner of Sus Creative Agency, and is kind, funny, and honest. He also likes to occasionally bug me and my brothers. He has many great ideas.

For example, creating Sus Creative Agency, putting me in Soccer, and buying ice cream all the time. He is also a great photographer, and has been one since before I was born! He enjoys Graphic Design, Photography, joking around, Marketing, having fun with his kids, and sports. His photography and art are both one of a kind!

Here are some reasons that you should hire my dad.

1. Experience

  1. He has been doing photography and video for over ten years.
  2. He is smart and that is why people have been hiring him for that long.

2. Funny

  1. As I said before, he likes to make jokes.
  2. Sometimes makes funny comments. 

3. Enjoys it

  1. He has fun taking pictures. It’s just fun!
  2. Making videos is also just as enjoyable as taking photos!

So there you go! That is why you should hire him. I hope you choose dad! He is the way. So, as long as you’ve got Braxton, all your dreams will come true.✨ !Adios!