Work that's fun?

That's Sus.

We're marketing and creative professionals who are excellent at what we do, but haven't forgotten why we got into art in the first place.

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Axon Optics Brochure Design
Axon Optics Poster Design
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Creative that's fun to make is also fun to see.

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Our services

Brand Strategy

Take your company from a random collection of functional elements to an easily identifiable, consistent brand that communicates a clear message.

Brand Design

Let us be your design team. We will get you the brochure you need, and that billboard you need designed. Have a reliable creative partner without having to hire a dozen people.

Photo/Video Production

Get clean images for ecommerce, explainer videos with animated graphics or high-end advertising photos and videos to market your brand.

Our Skills

Photo & Video
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Sleepless Hours

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Cups of Coffee

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Things people say

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"In addition to his aesthetic abilities, Braxton is a strategic thinker who cared about helping our company reach its goals."
Rochelle T.
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"This is exactly what we were lacking to really make this company start shining! I absolutely love working with you!"
Ty J.
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"Braxton has the ability to take very limited information and make something great from it. his ability to take a vision and execute is very high."
Spence L.
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